Our Services

1. Selection of the right Product /Manufacturer and Negotiation with Chinese suppliers in transparency with the buyer in Africa.

In this phase, China Africa Sourcing works with the buyer to first define the needs and specifications of the product researched; preselect several suppliers/ products; visit the factory to evaluate the supplier quality and capacity to deliver the right goods with correct specifications and delivery time; negotiate the best price and conditions with the supplier selected on behalf of the buyer and finalize the purchase contract and proforma invoice.

2. Product quality inspection in the factory before shipment

During and after production we will send our technical inspector to verify the quality of the product and the respect of the specifications of the product as detailed on the purchase contract and /or  Proforma invoice.
An inspection report with major and minor problems will be sent to the customer and in the function of the quality level agreed the goods will be approved or rejected for shipment  in agreement with the buyer.

3. Assistance for shipment (logistics) and payment to the supplier

Usually our customer prefers to buy CIF from our company for the goods selected together with the buyer.  In this case, we collect payment from the buyer and pay the Chinese supplier in China. This way the Chinese supplier is relieved to know he is able to contact us in China in case of payment or communication problem. While the buyer will be insured that no payment will be done before the goods are duly inspected and verified in the factory and approved by himself.
Before shipment and container loading we can assist the buyer to arrange legally required pre-shipment inspection for destination country customs such as BIVAC in DRC. We also manage the shipment and the loading to ensure the shipment is done on time and with the fastest vessel available. Loading inspection can be realized to make sure no parts are forgotten for large and complex shipments and the packaging is correctly done.

4. Installation and Technical Assistance

In this phase, we provide technical assistance for technical problems or questions related to the products purchased including spare parts supply, technical issues, and even assistance on site for installation of the complete system or production line if required. For the installation of the equipment in the destination country , we usually provide a bilingual Sino-French or Sino-English speaker who will assist for translation and supervision of the Chinese technician usually send by the factory to install the complete system or factory.